Friday, June 20, 2008

Murchison Meteorites: New Evidence for Abiogenesis

Creationists and those who argue for Intelligent Design like to claim that complex molecules such as RNA and DNA could not arise spontaneously in nature, but most scientists who study such matters disagree. Even the erstwhile longtime atheist philosopher Antony Flew has been taken in by this argument from incredulity, and Christians have generally been delighted with his recent conversion to deism.

Now we know that fragments of meteors that fell near Murchison, Australia, in 1969 contained carbon-based compound precursors to the "raw materials of life". Scientific American reported on this discovery in a June 16, 2008 article. Although this does not prove that life was created from similar sources, it is the strongest evidence yet that RNA and DNA could have evolved naturally.

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Anonymous said...

Do these people have any idea what they are talking about? How does carbon-based compounds, the precursor to amino acids, the precursor to proteins, the precursor to complex proteins, the precursor to DNA, the precursor to the cell, give strong evidence for anything? Hello, You are missing a few steps. Besides, we already knew there was carbon in other locations in the universe, did we think the carbon wouldn't combine with other elements? It is truly sad when science devolves to the point that they think that some small carbon-based compounds found in space is strong evidence for abiogenesis. I saw some red cloth, Santa purportedly wears red, thus Santa bringing gifts to all of the children for Christmas is true.

Seriously, these type of scientists are the only scientists that can pass off absurd story-telling as "scientific theories."